Half human, half digital heart, in the web of blockchain’s interconnected nodes, covered in sensual colors — that is Sekret Network.

The Birth Of Sekret Network

(Word from Sekret Network creator, Kegan)

Being a part of the cryptocurrency sphere ever since 2016, watching the crazy bull run of 2017/2018, watching the 2018/2019 bear market in horror, and then again, witnessing the craziness of 2020 DeFi and NFT “gold-rush”, I couldn’t stop thinking about one thing:

“With everything good about cryptocurrency- decentralization, low-fee transactions, anonymity, p2p technology; why isn’t there a blockchain solution for adult entertainment industry, that is in such dire need to be revolutionized and decentralized?”

With all the craze around lewd content, that started with “premium” Snapchat accounts, and then evolved into OnlyFans, one simply could not miss reading so many stories of content creators being banned from these platforms, robbed by 30–40% of their revenue under the assumption of “fees” (straight-up racketeering, if you ask me), being banned by payment processors (looking at you PayPal) and their customers being ostracized for supporting their favorite creators, I thought:

“There must be a way how to solve all this with blockchain. There must be a way how to provide these content creators with a platform, that won’t ban them for something unrelated to the platform (many such cases of models being banned for saying, uploading, or sharing something on other platforms, that was deemed “wrong”). To create and environment, where these content creators could interact with their followers frictionlessly, where both could benefit from all the good aspects of blockchain — decentralization (no censoring), low-fee, p2p transactions without the middleman, who takes 30–40% of your earned money as “fees”, and no shaming for consuming this kind of content (anonymity)”

And so the idea for Sekret Network, and it’s 3 main pillars, was born!

So I called my friend Josh B., who lives in London, if he could mentor me. Being a blockchain developer, I really didn’t know that much about the inner works of the adult entertainment industry, but Josh, working and living in this multi-billion dollar industry, didn’t hesitate to help me and show me the ropes. And so the work on Sekret Network began.

And since I first thought about Sekret Network in mid 2020, until this day, nothing changed. Models are still being robbed by “fees”, sometimes straight up banned, losing their entire livelihoods, fans are being shamed (recently read about a bloke, whose wife divorced him, because he payed for OF — well guess his wife couldn’t really know that, if the bloke just used cryptocurrency to pay for these sexy pics!), and nothing worth your attention in cryptocurrency industry is really happening to change any of this!

But Sekret Network will change all of this!

The purpose of Sekret Network

As I wrote before, the purpose of Sekret Network can be summed up in three points:

  1. To create a decentralized environment, where creators can interact with their fans, monetize their content without fearing, that they could lose it all in a snap by being banned, either by the platform, or the payment processors.
  2. To provide a way for fans and consumers to enjoy this, often controversial content, without being shamed by friends, family, bank, or the government, while knowing, that 99% of what they pay, really goes to their favorite content creator, and not for “fees”.
  3. To create a platform, where both content creators, and their fans, could harness the power of cryptocurrency, by being a part of the network, and by holding the Sekret Network native token $SKRT, be rewarded with means of passive income, that only cryptocurrency can provide — staking and network fee re-distribution!

The beauty of blockchain technology, and how can every user of Sekret Network profit from it?

There’s no doubt, that blockchain technology is truly revolutionary, to the extent, that some people are saying it will be at the forefront of the fabled “4th industrial revolution”. Whether any of this is true, none of the Sekret Network team members care!

What we care about, however, is how we can harness the power of blockchain, to create something, that could benefit everybody.

Without going too much into technical details (that is for another article), I’d like to lay out a simple way, how Sekret Network can provide two simple ways of passive income, that will be available for every user of Sekret Network.

Passive staking fee re-distribution mechanic — Sekret Network being built on top of Binance Smart Chain, allows users for transferring their tokens with minimal fees, as compared to Ethereum blockchain, where fees can sometimes be higher than the amount one wants to transfer. But Sekret Network is all about empowerment, which is why we’ve decided to implement fee re-distribution mechanics, which will take 1% from each transaction, and re-distribute it to all people holding Sekret Network tokens. This way, holders of Sekret token will be rewarded for their participation in the ecosystem of Sekret Network, just by holding the Sekret token.

The present, and the future, of Sekret Network

We hope that Sekret Network’s mission and purpose is very clear to you now. We work day and night to create something from nothing, and we hope, that we’ll create something, that will be known worldwide, a legacy for generations to come. But we don’t want to do it alone. We invite you to be a part of the revolution, to contribute and to be a part of Sekret Network’s future.

We’ll be having a public presale, where you can show your support for our project, for which you will be rewarded handsomely! We’ll also be hosting an airdrop, to spread the word of Sekret Network around the world, so keep an eye on our social media — here, on Twitter, Instagram and Telegram (you’ll find the links down below) — to know about these events as soon as possible.

Also check our website, where you can find our roadmap (and it is full of exciting things), and litepaper, in case you have any technical questions, regarding the inner works of Sekret Network.



⬇️ Social media & contacts ⬇️

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SekretNetwork

Telegram: t.me/sekretnetworkchat

Website: sekret.network

Sekret.Network is a decentralized, P2P platform for adult content creators to share and monetize their content.