Sekret Network — Token, Tech, Trivia, And Future

Sekret Network’s ecosystem — NSFW content, adult NFTs, and fee re-distribution — the 3 main pillars of Sekret Network

Sekret Network is a BEP-20 based token, built on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We chose BSC because of its reliability, safety, speed, and low transaction fees. However, we do not plan to stay a BEP-20 token forever!

We’ve built MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to test the idea an prove to ourselves, and our investors, that Sekret Network has potential. As soon as we get our necessary feedback and funding, we want to build our own network, separate from BSC, that will fit our needs, and needs of our customers. Building an entirely new blockchain from the ground up is, however, very demanding — both in time and resources (money, manpower, tech). That is why we chose to take our project public, and obtain this necessary funding via a public presale.


Sekret Network, being built on top of BSC network, is a BEP-20 based token.

However, future Sekret Network will be a pure PoS (Proof-of-Stake) cryptocurrency, with its own native coin $SKRT, that will be used for transactions on the network, minting NFTs, staking, and much more. With very attractive staking rewards, low transaction fees, that will be re-distributed to all holders of $SKRT token, NFTs and its own custom platform for content monetization, Sekret Network aims to be the all-in-one solution for

Token and Tokenomics

For now, Sekret Network’s native token, $SKRT, is a BEP-20 based token, with many purposes. Aside from its primary, being the native token of our network, it will serve as a primary means of value exchange between participants on Sekret Network and its upcoming platform Sekret (more down below).

$SKRT token has a maximum supply of 69,000,000 (69 million) tokens.

Presale: 31,050,000 (45% of supply — unsold tokens will be burned)
Liquidity provision: 17,250,000 (25% of supply — locked for 6 months)
Community fund: 13,800,000 (20% of supply )
Development: 5,175,000 (7.5% of supply — to be released over the course of development)
Marketing: 1,725,000 (2.5% of supply — to be released upon requirement — always announced ahead)

All unsold presale tokens will automatically be burned forever, thus decreasing maximum supply.

Tokens provided to PancakeSwap for initial liquidity, will be locked for 6 months after presale. These tokens also include DxSale Network’s presale fee of 1%.

Tokens allocated to community fund will be locked in a wallet. These tokens will be in control of the Sekret Network’s community, which will be able to decide their fate via a public vote. These tokens can either be burned to decrease supply, sold to fund further development and/or marketing efforts, sold to fund charitable contributions, airdropped, or simply left out of circulation.

Tokens for development will be periodically unlocked to fund project development — unlocks will be announced ahead. The amount unlocked will never be more than 5% of the total funds allocated for development.

Tokens for marketing will be unlocked sporadically, to fund marketing efforts — mass social media marketing campaign, influencer deals, listings on exchanges, listings on price aggregator sites (,, partnerships, airdrops — all unlocks will be announced ahead.

Sekret Network Tokenomics

Fee Redistribution

Sekret Network is, first and foremost, a community driven project that aims to empowers its users. That is why we’ve developed a unique, fee re-distribution mechanism, which takes 1% of each transaction on Sekret Network, and redistributes this amount to all holders of Sekret token. While 1% may not seem like a lot, it provides holders of Sekret token with a nice, and most importantly, sustainable source of passive income. And as Sekret Network will grow, so will the amount of transaction and fees, which will increase the amount of passive income each and every user will generate by holding Sekret token.


Non-Fungible Tokens, NFTs for short, are a very interesting technology, that has taken the world by storm recently. Certainly revolutionary, albeit a bit sensationalized, which is easy to understand, considering how new it is, they’ve quickly found a lot of fans.

However, we believe NFT is a technology, that is here to stay, and adult entertainment industry is certainly one that will profit from this technology a lot. That is why Sekret Network will offer the ability to mint NFTs.

But this function, in the early stages of the network, will only be accessible to a certain few people — i.e. people and characters from the industry, who have the biggest potential to bring awareness to the project. But as the network will grow, we want to make minting NFTs accessible to a wider pool of people. This will lead to an open and free market, where people can freely monetize their content.

Community fund

Sekret Network is a community driven project. That is why we’ve decided to allocate 20% of total supply of Sekret tokens into a community fund. These tokens will be allocated into a transparent address, and only Sekret Network’s community, via a public vote, can decide how they will be spend — portions of these tokens can be donated to charitable causes, sold to fund further development and/or marketing efforts, or community can also vote to burn them all to decrease the total supply of Sekret token.

TRIVIA (few things from behind the drapery of development)

  1. Maximum supply was capped at 69 million based on the position the most famous sex position, 69.
  2. Name Sekret is a simple misspelling of the word “Secret”, but it was proven to be very catchy, easy to remember, and it evokes a certain, mysterious feeling.
  3. While the idea for Sekret Network, was conceived in mid 2020, the work on MVP hasn’t begun until January 2021.
  4. Presale date, 20th April, is another (in)famous number — 420 is a number all weed connoisseur are certainly familiar with. April 20th (420) is an unofficial “smoke weed” day around the world, and these two topics (sex & pot) are somewhat connected.
  5. The logo and the colors were chosen, because the project was initially called Velvet- velvet being a very luxurious and expensive fabric, which is often of a velvet-red color, which is associated with sensuality, sexuality, and mysteriousness. The heart, half human, half digital, is supposed to represent the merging of our primal side (sex) with the digital world and blockchain.


Once Sekret Network switches to its own blockchain, with its own native currency, offering low-fee transactions, staking and knots, we aim to materialize our grand vision.

The Sekret Network’s own platform, simply called “Sekret”.

Sekret will be a platform akin to social media, with mainstream appeal, both as a website and smartphone app, where anyone and everyone can sign-up, and upload their NSFW content, monetize it to its fullest potential, accept cryptocurrencies as payment, and generate passive income by staking $SKRT and receiving rewards via fee-redistribution.

And on the other side will be fans, who will finally have a choice to support their favorite content creators, while staying anonymous by paying with $SKRT, or any other major cryptocurrency, which Sekret will support. There will also be a fiat on-ramp available, so that one can buy $SKRT right on our platform, or have any other cryptocurrency deposited from exchanges or wallets. Staking $SKRT will also be available with a very stable, yet attractive 6,9% APR.

Creators will have a choice, whether they want to sell their content en-masse for an industry-regular, competitive price, or have it immortalized on our own blockchain as an NFT, for which the price can be as high, as one is willing to pay for it.

One huge part of Sekret Network will also be the new network transaction redistribution mechanism. Each and every transaction on the network will cost 1%, deducted from sender’s balance. This fee will then be redistributed to all $SKRT token holders equally. While it may not seem much, when Sekret Network will be processing thousands of transactions a day, worth of millions of dollars, these fees will provide all the network users with a bit of passive income. This mechanism was created to incentivize people to use the network and to hold $SKRT token. It will also ensure further stability of the network, rewarding all its participants. Unlike other, centralized platforms, which often take 30% to 40% for these transactions, content creators on Sekret Network can be sure they will always receive 99% of their money.

However, not everyone will be eligible for rewards from fees. It is important to note, that only those, who will hold their $SKRT tokens directly in the platform’s native wallet, will be getting these rewards. Anybody holding their $SKRT tokens on exchanges, 3rd party wallets, or staking (they will already be getting staking rewards), will not be eligible for these rewards.


Don’t forget to stalk our social media accounts for new updates. We might not be very active from time to time, as we are busy with building the best product we can, but you can be sure we will always try to engage with you in our telegram chat.




Sekret.Network is a decentralized, P2P platform for adult content creators to share and monetize their content.

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