We are thrilled to announce the official date of Sekret Network presale:

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021, 12:00 PM GMT!

For our presale we chose DxSale Network — cross chain DAO token management platform — for it’s reputability, reliability, proven track record, and fully decentralized, transparent presale process. You can visit…

Since we’ve decided to go live with our project a few weeks ago, we’ve already caught some attention, and got quite a few questions from tech-enthusiasts, potential investors, and people excited about our project. So we’ve compiled this list of questions that we’ve seen as the most interesting and most…

Sekret Network’s ecosystem — NSFW content, adult NFTs, and fee re-distribution — the 3 main pillars of Sekret Network

Sekret Network is a BEP-20 based token, built on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We chose BSC because of its reliability, safety, speed, and low transaction fees. However, we do not plan to stay a BEP-20 token forever!

We’ve built MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to test the idea…

Half human, half digital heart, in the web of blockchain’s interconnected nodes, covered in sensual colors — that is Sekret Network.

(Word from Sekret Network creator, Kegan)

Being a part of the cryptocurrency sphere ever since 2016, watching the crazy bull run of 2017/2018, watching the 2018/2019 bear market in horror, and then again, witnessing the craziness of 2020 DeFi and NFT “gold-rush”, I couldn’t stop thinking about one thing:


Sekret Network

Sekret.Network is a decentralized, P2P platform for adult content creators to share and monetize their content.

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